Auto insurance policies protect your personal vehicle and a variety of risks associated with operating it. Auto policies typically offer four types of coverage: Liability, Medical Payments, Uninsured Motorists and Physical Damage. This coverage is then broken down into liability protection for the driver, personal injury for the driver and passengers, coverage to protect from uninsured or underinsured drivers, comprehensive for damage that occurs other than collision and collision coverage.

Depending on the specific insurance company and policy, there may be additional types of coverage available for customization, roadside assistance, towing, loss of use and even gap coverage for new vehicle purchases. Limits can range from 15,000 to as much as 1,000,000. Minimum liability requirements vary from state to state and are usually much lower than the average person’s exposure.

It is important that the policy and coverage you select matches your individual needs. By working with an experienced agent you can avoid gaps in coverage and determine which company and policy is right for you.

TWFG represents a large number of the standard and preferred auto insurance companies in the marketplace today. Our knowledgeable TWFG agents offer a large selection of auto insurance policies for every type of driver and vehicle. We look forward to working with you to provide the solution for your needs.

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